An episode in a crime series about couples who participate in unspeakable acts that has been streaming for a few months now features the case of a deceased Colorado mother and her link to Twin Falls.

You all know the name Kelsey Berreth by now. She is the woman and mother who disappeared on Thanksgiving Day back in 2018. Her husband at the time, Patrick Frazee, is serving life without parole after being convicted of her murder in November of 2019. A former Twin Falls nurse and Hansen resident, Krystal Lee Kenney, was also sentenced to jail time for tampering with evidence for her connection to the murder case.

Many involved in the case were interviewed for a 2020 documentary that was released months ago on the Oxygen Network. The episode (number 1) of "Killer Couples," is titled "Justice Was Served," and can found in the series' most recent season 14. To view the entire episode, you can click here for more information.

According to case facts, Berreth's cell phone was disposed of by Kenney. Kenney also shared in court intimate knowledge of the final moments of the Colorado woman's life that were provided to her by Frazee. The two were involved in a relationship at the time of Berreth's death, which is also covered in the true crime episode that includes commentary from Colorado media and others covering the case.

Thanksgiving Day of 2021 will mark three years since Kelsey Berreth's death. The Oxygen Network, which has always been geared toward the female demographic, has grown in popularity since it shifted programming in 2017 to include more true crime programing.

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