The 2013 murder of a well-liked, Emmett, Idaho, saddle maker has received its own episode in a true-crime series airing on the Investigation Discovery network.

"Murder in the Heartland: To Kill a Cowboy," tells the story of the 2013 murder of 78-year-old Darole Carpenter, a self-made business owner and churchgoer who was murdered in his own farmhouse. The man's killer was later identified and sentenced for his brutal crime, in which Carpenter sustained massive head and chest wounds prior to succumbing to his injuries.

The case was picked up and covered by numerous Idaho news outlets following the discovery of Carpenter's body. According to a Youtube preview of the story, the victim was very well-liked, and was a devout churchgoer. A hired hand of Carpenter would later be found guilty of the beating and stabbing death, and received a sentence of 30 years.

Emmett, Idaho, is 160-miles northwest of Twin Falls, and has a present population of roughly 6,700. The story began airing on the ID network shortly after the Christmas holiday, and is identified as season 4, episode 1. The motive for the crime was reported to be over an investment deal.

Investigation Discovery airs programs dealing primarily with criminal activities. Other featured shows include People Magazine Investigates, See No Evil, Deadly Women and Cold-Blooded Alaska. The network is included with certain cable packages.

Season one of the crime series began airing in 2017. There are more than 30 episodes of Murder In the Heartland in total, and each one has an airing time of 42-minutes.

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