If sales and promotions get your mind all jumbled, you aren't alone, and Target stores have taken note. Target recently announced their plan to permanently lower prices on thousands of items in stores.

Target stores announced the changes last week and claim that customers will be able to shop in confidence that the prices are the best they can be every day.

I'm one of the people who often buys something because it is on sale and I think I'm getting a good deal, so this Target plan might make someone like me buy less in a shopping trip.

This isn't the end of all sales at Target though. They will still have specials but they'll only highlight the best sales while still offering lower prices on everyday items. So maybe no more big in-store signs stating 'save $1 when you buy a pair of pants' and more 'buy a pair and get one free' (not actual Target sales, just examples).

What do you think of the price change plan?

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