Technology and progress can feel like a catch-22 situation in many situations. Often the tech that is supposed to make our lives easier end up causing headaches and errors. I have never been excited to get a new cell phone because of the effort it takes to relearn how the new one works and then get it to your preferred settings. The same goes for computers. I've been using a slow computer at work because I would rather deal with the speed issues than have to set up a new computer with all the programs I use daily.

How Progress Destroys Some Businesses

Sometimes progress means that the things we are used to being one way have changed. We've seen that be the downfall of a number of businesses in Twin Falls that didn't keep up with the times or made changes too late. A new study from Study Finds has a list of the 40 biggest modern inconveniences and the list is interesting because it really looks like a list that we never would have complained about 20 years ago.

Not All Technology Advancements Are Good

Spam calls and unknown numbers have stood the annoying test of time and are in the top worst modern inconveniences on the Study Finds list. We are blessed to have YouTube videos anytime we want but we still get bothered when a video comes along that doesn't let us skip the ad before it plays. One of the biggest modern inconveniences that seem silly is that auto-correct on your phone doesn't always end up being correct. Our devices today have massive storage space compared to older tech but we still get miffed when our 64 gig of storage is full on our phone or tablet.

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The Most Annoying Modern Inconveniences

Some modern inconveniences are unique to where you live and Twin Falls has a number of them. This may seem like a list of first-world problems, but here are the top 5 biggest modern inconveniences for Twin Falls:

  1. Twin Falls Is Growing And Roads Are Getting Busier. There are benefits to our city growing - the number of restaurants and variety of businesses has grown a lot in the last few years. But along with that growth comes more people and crowded streets.
  2. Getting Stuck  At The Train Crossings. If you haven't been stuck at a train crossing in Twin Falls then you haven't lived here very long. The railroad workers are out doing their job and sometimes that means we get stopped in our cars for long amounts of time.
  3. Perrine Bridge Maintenance And Other Road Work. We sure love it when our roads are nice and free of potholes in Twin Falls. But we really like to complain about the road work and construction that goes into making the roads smooth.
  4. Shoddy Internet Service. This doesn't mean all internet companies in Twin Falls have bad service and just having internet access is something we should be happy about. That being said, while I am lucky to get 3 MB speeds at my house. My sister, less than a mile away, with the same service company, gets 20 MB speeds.
  5. Finding Parking In Downtown Twin Falls During Events. I love that there are so many events in Twin Falls but those events bring in more cars and the parking spots fill up fast. We even complained about the squiggly road lines by the City Park so they fixed them and also took away parking spaces in the process.

Despite the modern inconveniences, that's all they really are. Inconvenient. We have a lot of good going on in Twin Falls that we could probably appreciate more.

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