I love living in Idaho. I have to put that out there first as the rest of this story is kind of going to rag on Idaho. Idaho is beautiful and full of adventure and vacation destinations. Sadly, not all those stopping spots live up to the hype. The internet trolls have chimed in and they say that when it comes to Idaho, Coeur d'Alene is the most overrated place in the state.

I've never been that far north, but everything I hear about CD'A is that it's beautiful and a great vacation destination. But I'm also not willing to drive nine hours to see for myself it it lives up to the hype. There are enough places worth the trip here in Southern Idaho that don't take a full day to get to the destination. But there are a few stinkers here too.

I don't get the charm of Salmon Dam. I've boated, wakeboard, fished, and camped there and none of the experiences were memorable in a good way. Salmon Dam isn't horrible, but it definitely isn't the best place you can spend an afternoon in Idaho. I have to bag on Craters of the Moon too. Is it a cool place to see? Sure. But I wouldn't feel right telling someone that they have to see this place when they come through the state. They'd never trust my opinion again.

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The idea that Coeur d'Alene is overrated comes from a Twitter user we've mentioned a few times before. Matt Shirley polled his 400 thousand followers to get the results. I have to assume that Chubbuck didn't win because it was never highly rated enough to be counted as overrated by anyone?

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