Bags of burgers, buckets of fries, white sauce, and fry sauce have all just become easier to get for many residents in Southern Idaho. Two new Arctic Circle locations have opened with one in Burley and the other in Wendell. The Wendell location is located at 319 S. Idaho Street and has a seating capacity for 38 guests. The Burley location sits at 333 W. Main Street with room for 28 guests. Between the two restaurants Arctic Circle will be employing more than 100 people. That's great news for those communities.

The Burley location has a previous history for the owner and the town as it used to be the Burley Burger. There are now 26 Arctic Circle restaurants in Idaho and, according to a press release, there could be more coming in the future. You can see the full list of locations and menu items offered at each on the Arctic Circle website, though the Wendell location isn't listed as of this post. The two newest locations are owned and operated by Wendell native, Blake Ruffing and his wife Ginette. The Ruffings also own the Arctic Circle restaurant in Kimberly and another location in Wyoming.

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Over the last few years we've also seen a second Arctic Circle location open in Twin Falls and one in Jerome. The restaurant franchise was also listed as Idaho's favorite last year. Arctic Circle also has a mobile app for on-the-go viewing of menu items and coupons.

New Arctic Circle Restaurants Open In Southern Idaho

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