UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing community and local businesses, the fireworks are back on for Monday July 4th in Burley

The City of Burley has announced that they are unable to have a firework display this year. It is incredibly unfortunate news. The city stated that they tried to make it happen, it just wasn't in the cards this year.

According to the City of Burley, the fireworks are canceled due to supply shortages. They are unable to get the shipment of fireworks in time for the celebration. I am sure the city is incredibly disappointed, just as the people of Burley are.

The Burley Fire Department also is asking people not to contact them for more information on the fireworks. They stated they are just the ones who shoot off the fireworks and make sure everything is safe. They have nothing to do with actually getting fireworks for the show.

The City of Rupert already had its fireworks display, but there is still a ton of fun stuff to do there. There will be more live music, a parade, and much more for the community to take part in around Rupert.

The City of Twin Falls will also have its firework display on Monday starting around dusk. If you don't mind heading in that direction.

Buhl Sagebrush Days is also a great way to watch a wonderful firework display. I have heard that their parade is also one of the best in the area.

The City of Hailey is also hosting some events and a firework display. Again, that is a little more travel, but if you are looking for ideas, you can always give it a shot.

While we are incredibly disappointed that Burley has had to cancel, it is not their fault. There are some great options for wonderful shows around the area to take advantage of as well.

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