I have to admit before I write a story about picking a real tree for Christmas, that I always use an artificial tree in my home.

The Joy Of Picking A Real Christmas Tree

Some people claim that there is something special about going up into the mountains to find 'the perfect tree'. Cutting it down and dragging it back to your vehicle is a family bonding experience. To me, that sounds horrible. I bought a tree in a box a few years ago and I'm fine with it. Our family bonding is the kids trying to decide where to put the ornaments and how to string the lights.

If you're one who lives for the tree-finding experience, maybe you should travel down to Utah? You won't have to trudge through a mountain of snow to get your tree, but if the recent video on YouTube from Peterson Tree Care in Utah is any indication: the tree-choosing will be memorable.

Where Do You Get Your Real Christmas Tree From?

If the allure of men in red flannel shirts and vests swinging from log poles isn't what you are looking for, then just stay in Idaho. We have lots of options for getting a great tree.

Christmas tree permits, to go and cut down your own tree up to 20 feet tall, went on sale today in Southern Idaho. The cost is $10 per permit.

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