The Twin Falls City Christmas Tree is displayed and decorated in downtown Twin Falls next to the ice skating rink, and apparently it is causing some controversy. I was reading on Facebook and came across messages that some people are unhappy with the size of the tree. If for some reason you are unhappy with the size of the tree, you may need to read or watch the Grinch and rethink your stance. Really though, the tree is fine. I drove downtown today to get a look at this 'not big enough tree' and the tree is big. Could it be bigger? Of course it could, there is a ton of space in that fountain area. But, does it need to be bigger? No, the city got a beautiful and perfectly sized tree for the downtown display.

There may be many reasons they chose a tree the size they did, but one of the main ones is pointed out by the city in a Facebook post addressing those unhappy with the tree. The city buys a live tree every year and that means it wasn't a tree cut down and going to waste after Christmas. This tree will instead be planted and given a long life somewhere in Idaho. The tree was unveiled and lit during the Festival of Lights celebration, which also included a parade and musical performances.

The City has also been busy with other projects around town as they held the groundbreaking for the new Twin Falls Archway last week at the Twin Falls City Park.

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