I grew up in Utah and never had an issue with the state flag. To me, it looked like a state flag should with the dark blue main color and some emblem or seal in the center with a few brief descriptive words.

The flag I grew up with was mildly modified to give the letters and state seal a crisper look in 2011, but now the whole flag is getting a facelift and many Utahns hate it. I hate it too. It’s bland and feels like a push to use pictures instead of words - thanks millennials. Yes, the new Utah flag is the emoji of flags. Rather than placing the word Utah on the flag or explaining that there are tall mountains in the beehive state, all you get are vague pictures.

Credit Canva
Old Utah Flag - Credit Canva
New Utah Flag - Credit Utah Legislature
New Utah Flag - Credit Utah Legislature
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Should Idaho Adopt A New Simple Flag Like Utah

Utah has changed its flag a few times already and Idaho has had the same one since March of 1927. Are we due for a change? Should we follow suit with Utah and use pictures instead of words and the state seal? If we did, I’d like to nominate this as the new flag template.

New Idaho Flag

USA Today reports that the new Utah flag will take effect in March of next year, 2024. At that time it will display as the only state flag option except at the Capitol building, where it will fly at all times with historical status. The old flag will also fly at state buildings on special occasions and holidays.


Here are some slogans for the state of Utah that are more honest than the one we currently have.

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