The protests and demonstrations at college campuses across the United States include more than 80 locations, many of them in California. More than 100 protesters were arrested at UCLA on Thursday and just this morning 64 were arrested at UC San Diego.

But, has the reach of these efforts made it to the youth in California grade schools? A recent social media post claims they have.

Online Post Claims CA Teachers in Los Angeles Support Hamas

As the war continues between Israel and HAMAS, thousands of protesters have participated in college campus demonstrations in the US. The issue with these protests for many is the reason behind them. HAMAS has been labeled as a terrorist group by world governments, including the United States and European Union.

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On X, Christina Pascucci shared the UTLA post and asked if parents and teachers support this. She pointed out that the event ‘calls for a revolution and aligns with pro-HAMAS groups’.

Are California Teachers Supporting Hate Groups

I read through many comments on the post and didn’t see any that claimed to be from teachers, but dozens were posted by parents stating that they do not support this and that actions like this by the UTLA are why they have pulled their children from the school system. What do you think? Should the UTLA be promoting and participating in events like this? Some of the groups in the event posted do claim to be aimed at increasing education for their demographic.

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