I can't really think of a good reason to smash through the gates to get into a cemetery. I can think of all sorts of reasons not to break into a cemetery though. Yet, someone in Jerome did the unthinkable and smashed through the new gate of the Jerome Cemetery.

Walt Appell posted the picture of the broken cemetery gate on Facebook and apparently the vehicle that did the smashing also left some car parts behind at the scene. So, if you see a car with cemetery gate looking dents and a few missing parts it could be the culprit.

The post also has some of the best comments I have seen!

  • They just couldn't wait to get in.
  • Do you think someone was trying to get out? Check the graves!
  • Are you sure there were no zombies involved?

If you could give the picture a funny tag what would you say?


BONUS VIDEO - Since the story is about a cemetery gate...here's Pantera.

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