Each week I try to find a fun video upload shot in the state of Idaho to share with you all. I came across this video of a group of Rexburg steer turning mealtime into playtime particularly fun.

I hear people say all the time "I grew up on a farm." Then they proceed to tell me the had a couple roosters, and a bunny or two. I grew up with roosters, but I'd never dare insinuate for a second that I know what farm life is about...especially in Idaho.

A recent video shot about 180 miles northeast of Twin Falls is a great watch as we head into the weekend. It was shared on the channel of "Triangle S All Natural Beef," which is located in Rexburg. The title of the video is "Happy Steers Come From Idaho."

The person who shared the clip likens the video to "kids jumping into a ball pit." I couldn't describe what I'm seeing here any better. Even the nearby horse is watching on with a dumbfounded look on its face.

Of the group of about six steer seen in the clip, the two on the far right are most guilty of starting this food fight. Hopefully you find the video as enjoyable as I did. These animals do indeed appear to be having themselves a good time.


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