I had the chance to view a series on the deaths of the Rexburg kids in 2020 over the weekend, and it made me down right mad.

Currently airing on the Investigation Discovery channel is a three-episode series titled, "Doomsday," which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the case of Tylee Ryan and Joshua Vallow, the two Idaho kids who were discovered deceased and buried last year. The grandparents of the kids recently sat down to an interview with television host Dr. Oz.

Lori Vallow, the kid's mother, remains incarcerated in Idaho with a $1 million bail while she awaits her fate. Her joint trial with husband Chad Daybell's is set to begin later this year. Both are being held over the suspicious deaths of the two kids, whose remains were positively identified on Daybell's property in June of 2020.

For those that maybe don't have access to the ID network, the first episode of Doomsday was uploaded to YouTube in December of last year. I'm not sure how many times I cursed at my television set last night, but I know it was a many. The program features a lot of news footage that many people who have been following the case probably haven't seen yet, including the tireless efforts of the kid's grandparents who you have to feel very sorry for.

As a father of two kids, it pained me greatly every time the program showed footage of the two kids alive, laughing and smiling, and completely innocent. I have no doubt that the hammer of justice will fall in this case, and fall hard.

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