We all need money to live, and we all do what we have to do to supply for our families. How people go about making money looks different for everyone. Some of us work normal hours, some work nights, some work one job, and others work two or three. Sometimes people need to beg for money. There are hundreds of ways to get money in this world, and one family recently spotted in Twin Falls decided to use their gifts to raise money for their family; or did they? 

Violin Players In Twin Falls

Recently a man and woman with their two kids were seen playing violin outside of Target in Twin Falls, and people took to Facebook to rave about their talent. It was told how amazing they both sounded and that people enjoyed their music. Some people raved that it was nice to see them share their gifts instead of begging for money on the corner. After talking to a few people that saw this family, and seeing videos of them, I came away impressed with their talent and skillset. One woman told me she approached the lady playing but her English wasn't well, but mentioned she was from the Ukraine area. She claimed the violin player had a smile that matched her beautiful music. 

Are Violin Players in Twin Falls a Scam?

Credit: Scott Lewis
Credit: Scott Lewis

While I was impressed as everyone else, a story recently in Boise claimed that a scam was taking place of people playing the violin in parking lots. They had loudspeakers and played beautiful music, yet they weren't playing the violin. There is no evidence that this family is the same, but their act is similar to the scam that is taking place only hours away. The couple in Boise has been spotted in multiple towns in Idaho as well. A witness mentioned handing the man a tip, and hearing music still play while he was no longer "playing" the violin. Is that what is taking place in Twin Falls? Does it matter if they aren't playing? 

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The music has brought joy to those that have heard it and isn't that what matters. The act of trying to play like it is you may be wrong, but the joy of the beautiful music is putting residents in a better mood. I hope the people playing in Twin Falls are not a part of this scam, but if they are, does it change the way you view the music? Watch closely the next time you see them and see if it is them playing, or music coming through a speaker only. 

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