There isn't really a day that is better than another to adopt a shelter pet. If you are looking for a new best friend, then that is the best day for you. But, as a reminder that the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is full of cats and dogs waiting for the right family to come through the doors, today (Tuesday) is officially a great day to go the the animal shelter since it is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is full of dogs in a variety of sizes, colors, breeds, and genders and they are all ready to be adopted and loved. As an added bonus for those who are looking to adopt a cat but don't want the task of training a kitten: adult cat adoptions are $9 for a limited time.

Not everyone can adopt a shelter pet, so if you still want to help the Twin Falls Animal Shelter in their care of the animals you can donate to their cause on May 2nd during the massive statewide Idaho Gives event online.

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