The end of an era has arrived as the TV show COPS has been cancelled. I'll admit that I grew up watching COPS and my oldest son watched it with me until he was about three years old. The reason we stopped watching was one Sunday in church, he was playing with toy cars and started loudly singing the 'Bad Boys' song followed by the line 'don't taze me'. So we figured it was time to have him watch more cartoons instead. COPS had been airing for 32 years until it was announced this week that the network was pulling the show.

COPS was an interesting show to watch when I lived in Las Vegas because you would watch an episode and actually know where it was filmed. During the 32 years the show ran, a number of episode segments were filmed in Idaho among the Boise PD. I was able to find 9 segments filmed in Idaho and you can watch them all below.

The Why So Serious Lady In Red

The If It's Not Yours Then It's His Guy

That's a Wrap Family Fight Episode

'Metholtine', It's One Heck Of A Drug

The Guy Who Had Trouble Spelling His Name - Smith

The Biblical Methodology...Where You Hide Drugs In The Good Book

Fiber Optics Cable Seeds Aren't A Real Thing

Dog Pile! Sometimes It's A Game But Not This Time

The Organized Drug Kit For A Weekend Party

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