Idaho is a very interesting state. We aren't really behind the times when it comes to technology but we still do some things that might seem very dated. Idaho is where the future meets the past. Take this video for example: cattle aren't always moved around in bug trucks. Cattle drives are still a common occurrence but look like something from an old western movie.

Check Out This Car Stuck In An Idaho Cattle Drive

The video on YouTube was posted by user Schellite titled 'City Slickers Run Into Real Idaho'.

This video is a good representation of life here. It isn't always cows blocking the road though, sometimes its a tractor or sheep.

I don't know if the drivers of the car know the drivers of the cows, but the young cowgirl in yellow seems very accommodating in helping the car through the bovine traffic as she also tries to keep the herd in check. Again, that's a good representation of Idaho: the state is full of good people who will help you out even if they are already busy doing something else.

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Where Was This Idaho Cattle Drive?

While the video doesn't exactly tell us where it's happening, I am fairly certain it happened near Banks, Idaho around the Payette River. Am I a master of Idaho geography? Nope, but I did find another video on their YouTube channel where they are relaxing in Idaho near Banks and this cattle drive is also featured in that video.

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