Normally when we share videos of humans interacting with wild animals, we call them tourons and something bad either happens or we wish it would. That’s not the case in this video. This video shows a child approaching a wild deer as the not-father-of-the-year films the encounter from a distance.

Dad Films as Child Approaches a Deer and Immediately Gets Attacked

First of all, I did laugh at this video and I watched it quite a few times. I’m a horrible person, but you probably laughed too. The caption for the video says that the kid was fine, but we know that the kid may have walked away fine but is scarred for life.

The video is only about 5 seconds long on the Whiskey Riff Instagram page, but there’s a lot to take in and critique. Did the dad stay far away because he knows you shouldn’t approach wild animals or did he stay away so that he wouldn’t scare the deer away? If the dad does indeed know that you shouldn’t approach wild animals, then why did he let his kid do it? The kid looks pretty young, maybe a toddler with a few months of walking experience. If that’s the case, the kid probably doesn’t understand a lot of words. Specifically, the kid probably understands if you say ‘no’ but not a long sentence like ‘you can go over there but do not try to touch it’.

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I’m glad the kid is fine, according to the post, but I do wish the video were longer so we could see if the deer just took the one hit and left or if the dad finally reacts and saves the kid. I’m also very curious how the mom reacted when she saw the video and heard the story of how dad let their precious baby go pet a deer.

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