Before we get too far into this story, I have to say that if you have ever wanted to visit Yellowstone with the desire to walk off the path and touch the water in a geyser: please don’t. There are signs all around the National Park telling visitors to stay on trails and away from the hot springs and geysers. Yet, we still get stories like this one where caution and reason are thrown to the wind by a touron, and they document it on social media.

Foul-Mouthed Woman Shows Why You Shouldn't Touch Yellowstone Geyser Water

The video was posted recently on TikTok by a very foul-mouthed Katharine Bethel. Once she realized what a bad idea it was to share this insanely stupid and vulgar video online, she locked down her account. But, sad news for her, everything on the internet - especially the stupid stuff - lives on forever. One of my favorite Facebook Groups, Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of the Idiots!, saved the ridiculous video and posted it to their page.

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Be warned, this woman swears like a drunken sailor and makes really bad life choices. So don’t watch this with your kids.

Yellowstone Touron Surprised That Geyser Water Is Really Hot

The thing that really bugs me about these videos is when the person acknowledges that what they are doing is a bad idea, and does it anyway. Park Rangers recently found a melted human foot floating in a hot pool. We posted about a woman who admitted that what she was doing was dumb as she walked a path between a herd of bison and their babies. She ended up being trampled and tossed into a bush.

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