I just came across the coolest and most insane video I've seen in a long time. At first view I would have never guessed it was in the United States but I was wrong. This happened in Colorado! During their Ride For The Brand Cattle Drive in Colorado Springs they have a parade of longhorn cattle and one of them got loose and went berserk! Check out the video...and probably watch it a few times to take in what is happening. There is some language in the video so turn down the volume if your ears are sensitive or kids are around.

Isn't that crazy?! Where to start with that video: maybe the fact that there is a longhorn running wild in the middle of a city. Also insane is that people are just standing around and watching like it's no big deal except the one guy who is chasing down the monster bull on his feet. You can see one lady who is 5 seconds late on her reaction that there is a bull that just went into a building. Another key part of the video is that someone opened the door so the bull could get inside! That's where I got a bit confused because then the other door opens and the bull comes out with a rope around his neck and a real life cowboy on his heels. For a moment I wondered if that cowboy was just hanging out in the building on his horse - since clearly this town is insane anyways so why not - and he saves the day by roping the bull and leading it out the door. Nope, wrong again. In a different angle video that plays you can clearly see that the dude follows the bull in, riding on his horse, to catch the creature.

You also get to see that the building is a bank. I'm getting the feeling that Colorado Springs is a lot like the wild west used to be! So, if you even go to the rodeo here in the Magic Valley and wonder what purpose the events might serve. Chasing down longhorn cattle in the middle of a city should be on that list now.

Here's another angle that shows the inside of the bank.

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