Over the weekend in Idaho the warm weather was interrupted by a cold front which brought wind, cooler temperatures, and the migration of the tumbleweed. I've been in a few wind storms in Idaho and Utah where the tumbleweeds covered the roads as the wind blew them around. This past weekend many travelers were witness to this years' first big wind storm and tumbleweed migration. Videos are online from all across the state near Pocatello, Mountain Home, and the highway into Utah.

During the recent strong windstorm, hundreds of tumbleweeds began their trek from one side of the highway to the other. Many end their journey stuck in a nearby fence or are obliterated by passing vehicles. Others are lucky enough to continue their adventure into a nearby field and beyond. It is actually a pretty dramatic event to see. It can also be a scary event for drivers' as the moving weeds means that there are strong winds.

One of my friends was driving through the tumbleweeds pulling his new camper trailer with the winds trying to push him off the road. Were you also driving through the tumbleweed migration or have you ever seen one in person?

I think tumbleweeds are cool and we actually used to have a giant one we painted gold and hung from the ceiling in our dining room. We would even decorate it with lights and ornaments during the holidays.

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