It doesn’t really matter what kind of weather you like, because this week in Idaho we are going to get pretty much all of it.

The weather forecast for southern Idaho includes a frost advisory and temperatures pushing 100 degrees.

Southern Idaho Going From a Frost Advisory to 100 Degrees This Week

We have already had wind and rain this week and Wednesday morning brought a Frost Advisory to Pocatello as temperatures hit around 33 degrees overnight. The frost advisory warned residents to protect sensitive outdoor vegetation.


After today it’s a steady climb in temperatures until the weekend when we are expected to hit around 100 degrees. Saturday and Sunday will be the hottest days with the current forecast at 99 both days in Twin Falls, which could easily reach triple digits in some locations. The forecast for Boise is 101 on Saturday and the hottest day in Pocatello is Sunday at 94 degrees.

Weather Forecast for The Boise Music Fest and Highway 30 Music Fest in Idaho

The high temperatures are extra concerning due to the fact that some of the biggest outdoor events in Southern Idaho are this weekend. The Boise Music Fest is Saturday at Expo Idaho and the Highway 30 Music Fest is Wednesday through Saturday at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds.

For both of the Music Festivals and any other outdoor activities this week as the temperatures rise, it grows increasingly important to prepare accordingly. Sunscreen, water, shade, breaks from the sun, and other safety measures should be taken.

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