I am so excited for this weekend! I have been anxiously waiting (and saving my pennies to buy a ticket) for The Avengers to come out! I don't get to go to the theater very often, so when I do go I want it to be like a dream experience where everything goes and sounds perfectly. Though, usually that doesn't happen! We all go to the movies knowing that the snacks are gonna cost more than the ticket, so that shouldn't count as something that ruins the experience...but, there are a few things that can really ruin the experience for everyone.

TALKERS - This is such a common occurrence at theaters that it has become the butt of many jokes and fights. If you want to talk or text, then why did you drop 10 bucks on a movie!? Go outside and socialize.

KICKERS - We have all probably accidentally bumped the chair of somebody at the theater. It becomes annoying when it keeps happening! Have you ever had the person behind you think it is their right to put their foot on the back of your chair? Very aggravating! Almost as annoying as having to share the armrest between chairs.

BLOCKERS - This one really bugs me at kids shows. You go in and pick the perfect seat and get all comfy - then along comes the biggest/tallest person and they sit right in front of you! Stadium seating has fixed this problem a little, but if you are a little kid and Andre The Giant is sitting in front of you...well, you may as well take a nap.

What else really bugs you at the movies?

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