I grew up in Utah and we always made fun of Idaho (even though I had never been there) that it was full of slow rednecks, potatoes, and the only good thing to come from Idaho was I-15 Southbound to get you out of the state. That's actually still pretty funny to me now - but I do love living in Idaho. Every state is different with pros and cons and the people at Brightside made a video to highlight the good and bad in each state.

For some reason they didn't seem to go in any specific alphabetical or geographical order in the video so you have to hunt around for each state. Idaho pops up at about 14:11 in the video. They made no mention of the amount of road construction. The good about Idaho is that this is a great state to try your hand at a new business idea and Idaho has the highest manufacturing output per capita. The bad news is that Idaho also has the most hate groups per capita. We wrote about the rise in hate groups a few years ago. In 2017 there were 12 active hate groups in Idaho compared to 8 in the previous year. Currently, according to the SPL Law Center hate map, there are 10 active hate groups in Idaho. The two closest to the Magic Valley are both Anti-Muslim hate groups in Meridian.

Since I'm from Utah I took a look at their best and worst section. The best at isn't really a surprise that more than 50 percent of residents attend church at least once a week. The thing Utahns need to work on is their sunscreen usage. Utah has the highest rate of skin cancer diagnosis in the nation.

Also, if you are bummed about anything in your day, be glad you don't live in Mississippi. Maybe don't check it out with kids around...and it seems like the video doesn't have anything good to say about that state even in their 'best at' section.

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