I grew up watching British shows on PBS. We would record episodes of Dr. Who, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Mr. Bean, Are You Being Served, and Keeping Up Appearances so we could watch them during the day. It was how we would DVR back in the day.

I know there are more British shows than what I watched 20 years ago, but I'm surprised that I only recognize 3 of the shows on the map. I'm also extremely surprised that Downton Abbey isn't on the list in any state?!

In Idaho, the most viewed show, according to CableTV, is called Line Of Duty. Never heard of it either? Apparently, it has guns in it so we watch it. I know my mother in-law likes a show called Doc Martin and that isn't on the list either. Is there a show from across the pond that you really like that isn't on the map above?

If you don't know any British shows, I'd recommend starting with some episodes of Red Dwarf. You can thank me later.

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