Since it is still winter and my kids are afraid of getting cold, they have been watching a lot more TV than normal. Most of the stuff they watch is streaming and I can't keep up anymore with what is good and what company is making the shows. 

Seriously, these kids watch some weird stuff.

As far as I know though there are still only a few stations aimed at kids - Disney and Nickelodeon. Yesterday, I got an email that was going around work asking what everyone's kids are watching more of and apparently my kids are weird and watch more Nickelodeon and everyone else watches Disney. I'm assuming this isn't counting movies (since Disney seems to own everything these days) or shows from ABC since Disney owns that too, but we watch a lot of AFV. I am counting shows they watch on HULU and Netflix though, since that is all they do.

Are my kids really that weird? What do your kids watch more of?

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