Let's all accept the fact that we all have a terrible movie that we love. I'll admit that I have 3...at least. Movies I know aren't good but for some reason I have watched them multiple times. My list is Zoolander, Rubin and Ed, and Kung Pow. Truly terrible movies but not as bad as the favorite 'bad' movie of Idaho. The Love Guru.


Yuck. The Love Guru is one of the few movies I didn't watch all the way through (the other I can think of is Undercover Brother) because it was so unbearably horrible. Not the comedic genius of Mike Myers, the beauty of Jessica Alba, nor the massive cool power of Justin Timberlake could salvage this movie. But, according to the study done at Century Link Quote it's the favorite bad movie of Idaho. You can check out their site for the full methodology and the result of all the other states.

Did you like the Love Guru? What is your favorite terrible move?

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