While the rest of the world is arguing about whether you should get a real tree or an artificial tree, I'm over here more concerned with the best way to hang my Christmas lights. Driving around Twin Falls I have seen a variety of techniques used for the Christmas light displays. From tightly would to barely hanging on, which style of Christmas light use is the best?

How To Hang Christmas Lights In Idaho

I'll include pictures of each type of Christmas light decorating style below. Each style of decorating has pros and cons, so you'll have to share with us which you prefer.

How Do You Decorate Your Twin Falls Home?

There are quite a few ways you can choose to decorate for Christmas. Which is your favorite?
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Are Tightly Wound Christmas Lights Better Than Lightly Draped In Twin Falls

Personally, I prefer the tightly wound light strands on a tree and straight lines of lights on the house. They look super clean and the extra time it must take really shows in the presentation. That being said, I would never do the tight wound lights on my trees. I'm all about draping them on the branches so I can easily remove them when I'm ready. I'm also a fan of a 'the more lights the merrier' mentality. My house probably looks like the Ghost of Christmas Past ate the Ghosts of Christmas Present and Future and then threw them up on my yard.

Twin Falls As Christmas Vacation Characters

2021 Christmas Tree Lights Being Installed At Twin Falls City Park

Installing the lights takes about one week, so they plan to be finished by Thanksgiving.

Beautiful Hoarfrost In Twin Falls

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