Spoiler alert - it isn't our potatoes. There are a lot of things that Idaho is better at than other states (our wilderness, waterfalls, radio stations) but this little bit of knowledge is pretty surprising.

According to Thrillist, Idaho has the cheapest grocery prices of any other state. Sweet! I'd also like to point out that our 'best' is way better than what many other states got. I mean they really were scraping the bottom of the barrel to find nice things to say about some of these!

  • Montana - Longest Cat Lifespans
  • Wyoming - Lowest Rate Of Syphilis
  • Virginia - Most Vanity License Plates
  • Hawaii - Least Likely To Collide With A Deer
  • And of course a tip of the hat to those up in North Dakota!

Check out the map above and see what makes all the other states great.

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