I'm all for getting a personalized license plate. Your car really is part of who you are and whether you are proud of it or think your car is a junker - go ahead and use that small metal plate to let the world know what's on your mind.

I'll add one thing though - please make it a plate that people can decipher! If you get an awesome personalized plate and nobody can figure out what it is supposed to say then I think you have failed...but you haven't failed as much as these 30 people who had ideas so bad they got rejected by the Utah DMV!

30 Rejected Utah License Plates

I'm all for getting a personalized license plate. BUT - what were these people thinking?

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

I can only imagine there are just as many up here in Idaho. What's the worst personalized plate you've ever seen?

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We found out that Utah isn't the only place crushing the dreams of drivers who want a weird and possibly offensive personalized license plate. Idaho also has strict rules about what you can put on your license plate. Check out these galleries of plates rejected by the Idaho DMV last year.

LOOK: The Best of the Worst Idaho License Plate Rejections Last Year

DISCLAIMER: These license plates were rejected by the state for a reason. They were either deemed to be offensive, hateful, or vulgar. Some do incorporate the 'B' from the BSU plate to create the offensive phrase and only 1 that I could tell needs to be read backward.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

Rejected Personalized License Plates In Idaho

Personalized license plates in Idaho are a highly governed and censored item. Your personalized plate can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane. That doesn't stop people from trying.

Gallery Credit: Idaho Transportation Department

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