It's always fun and great for your self-esteem to compare yourself to a large group of other people, and that's what we get to do today. Think about how much money you make per year and if that number is higher than $70,000 and you spend your money wisely you can afford the payments for an average home in Idaho.

Idaho Housing Average Salary via HowMuch
Idaho Housing Average Salary via HowMuch

Housing prices are on the rise according to the How Much website and Idaho housing is towards the upper end of prices. We are no where near Hawaii when you'd need to make over $150k to afford the average home. In Idaho they say you need to make at least $70,360 yearly. I'll admit that I'm nowhere near that number and I'm perfectly fine with my current home and not gigantic monthly payment.

Do you think their average salary seems high or is it about right for Idaho?

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