Apparently for many people a stay-at-home order means we finally get to catch up on all the TV shows we've been meaning to watch but never had the time. The problem with having so much extra time at home, it doesn't take long before it starts to feel like you've watched everything. I asked co-workers what they are watching and one responded 'Paint dry...I ran out of stuff to watch weeks ago". Luckily I'm not at that point yet. We've already watched all of The Office, Parks and Rec, and The Good Place so a friend suggested Community or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My wife and I opted to start with Community and we love it for a few reasons: it's funny and low commitment since the episodes are only half an hour each.

The rest of Idaho is watching something different than us though. According to data from CableTV, Idaho is really loving the not-for-kids animated show Rick and Morty. I've seen a few episodes of it and I get the appeal. It's a weird show. It is also weird that CableTV included Idaho in their map but not in their list of states that are watching Rick and Morty. Maybe they confused us with Ohio or Iowa? I hear that happens sometimes.

So, are you on the Rick and Morty mobile train or watching something paint drying?

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