Tonight's the night! The Olympic games are a demonstration of the best athletes in the world doing their best at the sports they are the best at. The Olympics are not a bunch of amateurs doing amateur things. So why do we have "fake" sports included in the games? While I don't watch synchronized swimming, I would argue that it is an Olympic sport - it requires technical skill and swimming and team work. Trampoline on the other hand is a thing kids do in their backyard...and even then it isn't much fun to watch unless it is on America's Funniest Videos. At the rate we are going with adding in new games, how long before fishing, bocce ball, and musical chairs become Olympic sports? Will it ever come to that type of extreme, I don't know...but I do know that there are quite a few sports that could be cut and never missed!

They have removed "sports" in the past...all of these were Olympic sports at one time - Tug Of War, Poodle Clipping, Firefighting, Solo Synchronized Swimming, Delivery Van Driving, Rope Climbing, and Hot Air Ballooning!

What sport would you want to kick out of the Olympics?  According to a couple of new surveys, the ones we'd cut are:  Trampoline . . . badminton . . . synchronized swimming . . . table tennis . . . team handball . . . and archery.  The sports we're most looking forward to watching are gymnastics, swimming, and track and field.

Leave a comment with your favorite and least favorite Olympic sporting event.

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