Before we get too far into this conversation, we do know that there is a law for the proper use of fireworks in Twin Falls...but it's more fun to see what each individual thinks.

I think this is the first hour in the last 24 that I haven't heard a mortar go off. Judging by Facebook comments, that seems about the norm for the Magic Valley. Some say they heard explosions up until 3am! I can tell you this much - they were still going after 3am in my neighborhood and they were definitely not all legal fireworks!

Now, 3am is annoying but not illegal. Idaho law currently shows that fireworks through the 5th is acceptable. I'm certain though, that the fireworks will continue into the weekend. You can also get special permissions from the city to do fireworks other times in the year. I'm more concerned with the time of day they are being set off. Many seem to understand that we are celebrating America and freedom so there will be fireworks whether you like it or not, but they argue that you should stop at midnight. Others say let them go all the time and never stop. There are also a lot of Facebook comments that they should stop now because dogs are freaking out around the Magic Valley because of the constant loud explosions.

What do you think - when should the fireworks end? Leave a Facebook comment and let us know.

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