Heading into the holidays there are a lot of reasons you may need some extra cash.

  • Pay for holiday meals.
  • Pay for Christmas gifts.
  • Pay your uncle not to come over anymore.
  • Pay to fix something your kids broke while visiting relatives.
  • Pay to fix something your relatives broke while visiting your house.
  • Pay off existing bills.
  • Put it in the bank and save it.

You probably have more reasons than that to want extra money. So, don't miss your chance to win cash! 3 times each weekday up until Thanksgiving you could win up to $5,000. Nate gives out the codes at 7:20am, 8:20am, and 10:25am after the 96 Minutes of Commercial Free Songs. So keep your radios on and get the codes for your chance to win and enter them here in the KOOL Klub!

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