Idaho hasn't really shut down during the pandemic and without an enforced order, tourist have continued to visit our state. Honestly though, that's understandable since Idaho is awesome. As is the case with most tourists, the proof that they were here and what they decided to do while here is posted online for all to see and vicariously enjoy.

Over the last week there have been a lot of videos posted to YouTube of people and their Idaho adventures. I was surprised that there was a lack of Shoshone Falls videos. Some are from visits earlier in the year, maybe they finally posted their vacations as a way of distracting from the election stresses? Other videos are clearly recent. In one video from Johnathan Buckhouse we get to see the snow that is currently at Bogus Basin, thanks to artificial snow machines. I know we have a chance for snow this weekend, but it still seems crazy that there is snow enough anywhere to play on.

Box Lake, near McCall, was featured in a video where you get to see fall colors and also smoke filled air from forest fires.

On the Sweet Life Adventures YouTube channel they even go as far as saying that Idaho is their favorite place to camp - specifically at Granite Lake, also near McCall.

Sometimes the adventures are a little less 'in the middle of nowhere', especially with small kids, but they still count as adventures. ArtByKarenEHaley went with her family for an easy trip to the Deer Creek ranger station and then on to Lewiston.

Couer d'Alene always seems to be a great place to visit and The Drifter was lucky enough to get there while that fall leaves were changing colors.

There were also quite a few videos posted from people who visited Idaho Falls for the fall colors, wildlife, and hot springs. Visit The USA spent a lot of time in Idaho Falls at Yellowstone Bear World.

Have you gone on any recent adventures around Idaho?

Perfect Social Distancing Cabins In Idaho

Perfect Social Distancing Cabins In Idaho

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