It's been about three years since I last went skiing and at least a decade since I strapped on my snowboard. My knees are just not up to the challenge of helping guide by body safely down a snow covered mountain anymore. But, when I see a chance to ski for free, a little glimmer lights up in my soul. I guess that means some part of me thinks a free day of skiing is worth the following week of body pains and limited mobility. Lucky for me I can still enjoy a day of tubing up at Magic Mountain with no old man pains in the following days.

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If you also like the idea of free ski days, Bogus Basin may need to be on your calendar in March. But only if you drive a Toyota. If you drive another car brand you are out of luck. I couldn't find on the event site if the free ski includes the other Toyota brands like Lexus and Scion. Or if Subaru and Suzuki are included since Toyota owns stake in each of them too. The event description states:

The driver only of any Toyota, regardless of model or year, will receive a complimentary lift ticket...

If you want in on the free ski day, and you drive a Toyota, you just need to show up at Bogus Basin on March 5th, 2021 in your Toyota car. Toyota greeters will be at the ski resort to meet visitors. Bogus Basin has a COVID policy you'll need to follow if you plan to play at the resort.

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