During the holiday season it seems like we blow through money faster than grandma goes through a carton of eggnog. There are a few valid ways to save money this time of the year - you could set a budget (that never goes well in my house), you could set a present limit for family members, and you could make sure you know where they cheapest gas is so you can save on all the inevitable holiday trips.

Luckily there is a way to know where the cheap gas is thanks to Gas Buddy. You can see what the gas prices are in Twin Falls, all of Idaho, and across the nation if you are travelling. At the moment of writing this article the best gas price in Twin Falls is at either Maverik or the KJ's Super Stores where gas is $2.82 a gallon. Average gas price in Twin is $2.91. The cheapest gas in Idaho is $2.65 in Orofino. But, don't drive there just for the gas price since it's a 7 hour drive to get there.

Don't forget to factor in discounts for memberships at certain gas station for additional savings.

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