Not only is the year coming to an end soon but so is the Whiskers in Wonderland event at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. For the month of December, cat and dog adoptions at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter have been covered for approved families by the Janice Seagraves Foundation. That's a nice little ray of happiness in an otherwise cloudy year. Many people have been able to adopt a new family pet for free this month, thanks to the event. There is still time to take advantage of the sponsored adoptions if you are looking to adopt a new furry family member from the shelter.

There are still many cats and dogs at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter waiting for their forever homes and new animals come in every week. So, even if you have previously visited the shelter looking for a new pet and didn't find one that fits your family, look again and the perfect pet may be waiting for you.

Your new best buddy could be waiting for you, so check out pictures of the adoptable cats and dogs on the Twin Falls Animal Shelter Facebook page or at the shelter in person. You can even fill out an adoption application in advance online at the shelter web page.

Whiskers in Wonderland isn't the only great thing happening at the shelter, as many people have stepped forward to help with donations. Even kids have seen the needs at the shelter and found ways to donate food, blankets, and toys.

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