A few weeks ago a truck came through Idaho full of either hemp or marijuana. At the time the police said it had THC and the company said it was just hemp to be used in manufacturing. There has been an ongoing argument about what it actually is. While they fight about that, lets talk about what would happen in Idaho for our economy if pot were legalized. Specifically - who would really benefit? Turns out that the cookie industry would really benefit!

The University of Connecticut released a paper after a study was done to find out if weed really makes users crave junk food. Basically - are the 'munchies' a real thing? According to the paper, they are a very real thing and after a state would legalize the use of weed, sales went up for ice cream, chips, and cookies. Great news for the Girls Scouts!

Obviously, I can't say how much tax the Idaho government would take from recreational marijuana sales and then what they would do with that money, so saying who would benefit the most isn't possible. But we do know that cookies would become a lot more popular - so expect lines at Sips if it happens.

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