This was a weird video that popped up on Facebook while my wife was scrolling through her feed. We did just celebrate our 18th anniversary, so I hope it isn't a sign or Facebook saying it knows something we don't. But, we do really like the new Cobra Kai series, and John Kreese is the main villain (for now) so maybe it targeted us for that? Either way, this is a pretty weird Idaho Divorce Law Firm video where the actor advises us to 'Strike First' if divorce is on the horizon.

Everything about the video is bizarre. Martin Kove, the actor portraying John Kreese, delivers the information in a way that only the Karate Kid villain could. But the weirdest part is that he's pimping divorce. It also seems like he's just talking off the cuff and not scripted, which probably would have been better for the delivery. This also isn't the first time the Idaho Divorce Law Firm has used celebrities in their advertisements. They also posted a video with Carol Baskin, yes that Carol Baskin, with the tagline 'Carol Baskin can't help get rid of your spouse. We can.' That seems on par if you know anything about The Tiger King show.

The Baskin video has the Cameo watermark which would explain how they got her to do a video for them and I'd assume the same goes for the Kove video. It's amazing what people will do for money.

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