I haven't seen an episode of The Tiger King yet. And the show may seem like old news to a lot of people, but Twin Falls has a reminder of the come-and-gone phenomenon. Some awesome family has dressed a mannequin as Joe Exotic in their front yard, complete with a big cat presentation. This presentation may be an effigy or it may be a shrine, depending on what the family thinks of the character Joe Exotic. One thing is for sure though, the Tiger King presentation is pretty awesome. No sign of Carol Baskin or her husband though.

credit Jessica R

The yard decoration can be seen near the Boy Scout offices at the corner of Hankins and Falls in Twin Falls. This type of demonstration isn't a new thing in Southern Idaho. Sure, a lot of the houses in Twin Falls are content with a nice lawn and a few other common items. Some people even use their vehicles to entertain themselves and those around them. Remember the truck with the skeleton in the bed riding on a lawn chair?

Townsquare Media

I love it when my neighbors and other random residents of Twin Falls do fun stuff. These types of distractions are what a lot of us need each day. Driving down the street with all the worries of the world on our minds and then, boom, Tiger King on the side of the road. It is bound to bring a smile to your face or at least take your mind off all the big ticket issues for a moment. So, thanks to the Tadds (maybe Todds...can't tell in the picture) for taking our mind off the scary stuff for a moment. Also, thanks to Jessica for sending us the picture and letting us know this sight is here in town.

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