Hockey is back! Hockey is dead!

Today may be the day that we find out which of those statements will turn out correct. The NHL preseason has already been cancelled, and the lockout is about to enter its third week. Stunningly, today is the first time the players and the owners have even met to discuss anything since September 15.

The regular season is still scheduled to begin October 11, but as each day passes without a new collective bargaining agreement, that goal (heh) seems less and less likely. It was just eight years ago that the NHL cancelled an entire season, which means that another yearlong work stoppage is certainly possible. At today's talks, they won't even be discussing the central issue (revenue sharing) but rather a slate of secondary concerns.

Anything's possible, and things coud still work out. We suppose. But at the moment neither side really seems to care all that much about saving the season. Should you?

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