The City of Twin Falls and the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation are looking to expand the skatepark at Harmon Park and are looking for input from the community.

The additions to the skatepark would add a place for young kids and a spot specifically for bikes.

Twin Falls Planning a Revamp of the Harmon Park Skate Park

Currently, the skatepark section at Harmon Park is an oval pool-shaped concrete area with raised areas, dips, and flat sections for tricks and practice. The park can get crowded on nice days when teens, adults, and young kids all flock to the area to play.

Credit Google Maps
Credit Google Maps

The new park allows for additions to accommodate different age and skill levels and different types of wheeled rides.

In the additions, there is a space for little kids on balance bikes, an additional rectangle area for scooters and skateboards, a pump track for all wheels, and a bike skills track. The park will also adjust the entrance to be more clearly marked and additional parking spaces. Not mentioned in the map, but also common at the park, are roller blades and skates and even wheelchairs.

Changes Could Make the Twin Falls Skatepark Look Like This

Credit TF Parks and Rec
Credit TF Parks and Rec

There will be a community open house on June 27th at the site at Harmon Park from 5 to 7 PM. An online survey is also available if you can’t attend the event.

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