If you enjoy getting outdoors in your free time and would like to add a couple of brand new toys to your adventure arsenal, Maverik Inc. has a contest going on that will award a new truck, ATV and year's worth of Coca-Cola to a lucky individual before year's end.

Utah-headquartered Maverik Inc. operates many convenience stores throughout the western United States. The chain has more than a dozen locations throughout southern Idaho alone, and odds are you stop into one at some point each week. I stop by the Blue Lakes store in Twin Falls for Gatorade and licorice two to three times a week.

Maverik's 2021 "Boundless Sweepstakes" is underway, and what better way to shake off the Covid-19 blues then by winning a new Chevy Silverado 1500, Polaris RZR-21 and free Coca-Cola for one year. The contest is for those that sign up for the store's Adventure Club.

Weekends in 2021 and beyond will take on a whole new meaning with a prize such as this. A February 8, 2021 YouTube video gives those who are intrigued a better look at this incredible opportunity.

The Maverik Adventure Club is easy to enter, and gives its members many chances to score freebies and cash in on perks. The chain has an app that cell phone carriers can download and receive additional updates and contest information in a convenient manner.

Good luck to all the adventurous Idahoans out there. We are pulling for you to walk away with this unbelievable prize.

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