The pandemic turned everyone's house into everything but a home in 2020. The dining room that was once used to bring the family together over meals because a conference room.

You split half with work and the other spot for your kid's stay-at-home study space. The table looks like a meeting area and just hasn't recovered yet. Idaho based, Litehouse is teaming up with HGTV and Boise based home makeover stars, Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell to fix your home.

Let me say that it's pretty cool to find out Litehouse is a local brand in Idaho that ranks #1 for Refrigerated Salad Dressing (RSD) brand in the U.S. I grew up on the generic salads but it's Litehouse or bust for our family.

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The dining room has always been an important space for our families to gather, but over the past year, we've started spending more time there than Luke Caldweller before because it has evolved into a multifunctional space. What started as a room for mealtime is now an area used for eating, remote leaming, and working from home.

That comes from Boise Boys Co-Host, Luke Caldwell. I think about my dining room and it's filled with books, legos and the list grows. We eat more at home these days and more Doordash visits (more than we need to ). Home feels off right now and what a great way to pick it back up, with a makeover.

What you win:

  • DIY dining room makeover
  • Private consultation, design inspiration including step=by-step instructions from Luke and Clint from the Boise Boys.
  • $5,000 to bring your makeover to life.

Looking to makeover your own dining room? Follow the links below for exclusive tips from Idaho's favorite makeover artists and sign-up to win this great contest.

Sidenote: Luke and Clint were slated to help host Idaho's Largest Garage Sale to meet fans and sign autographs in 2020. The pandemic shut that down and plans in the works for this Spring. We'll keep you posted on that.

Good luck with your new dining masterpiece!


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