I'll admit that I act extremely irrational when it come to spiders/creepy crawlies. I will scream like a girl, push people out of my way...or into the space between me and the spider. But I have never gone to the extreme this lady did.

This woman in Texas saw a snake in front of her house - and decided that it needed to die! So instead of going a normal route of extermination - she decided to grab a can of gasoline, dump it on the snake, and then light it on fire. While this may have looked cool as a Chinese Parade Dragon, her plan had a flaw. The snake did not like being on fire - so it slithered away into the bushes (still on fire) and lit the bushes on fire. The bushes then lit the house on fire and burned the entire building to the ground!

Leave a comment with your craziest reaction to being scared.

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