Wow. So, disclaimer here that the following video may not be appropriate for watching at work. Since I had to say that - don't you think it also probably wasn't appropriate to wear while shopping in public at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Twin Falls? If the video doesn't play below on your mobile device, click here for the Facebook link.

UPDATE: The video has been set to private for now so this screen shot below will give you an idea of what was seen...and you can't unsee.

It's A Swimsuit

There are any number of events that lead up to this instance. Maybe she is from California, maybe it was a dare, maybe she is really confident, or maybe prefers the 'Beyond' section of the store. But, none of those reasons really makes it OK and nothing in this video explains why she has packing tape across her butt cheeks!

Did any of you see this lady and get her story?

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