The thing I love about the internet and the endless information is that you can basically find a study to prove yourself right on any subject. Though the person you are arguing with can also do the same thing. Last week I wrote that married men gain more weight than women, now I am writing that women gain more weight than men in the first year of marriage. So confusing! But - don't blame it on the marriage. Blame it on food and people's different eating habits.


I believe it happened in my marriage. For the first 2 years my wife would cook healthy meals and I would eat small amounts and pick out the excessive vegetable content. After 2 years my wife finally realized - and I was finally starved and willing to point out - that I don't eat vegetables. So she stopped cooking for me if she knew I wouldn't eat it and I started eating like a man again.

There's a lot of science behind both reports, but I think men lose weight because they are not used to eating like women or they eat less for appearances. But after that first year I think men get into a groove and that is why they end up in the long run gaining more weight than the women. But that is just my opinion. You can read the results of the latest study over at Daily Mail.

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